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Jada Toys, North America's Leading Manufacturer of Die-Cast Collectible and Radio Control

3 Agustus 2008

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. -- Jada Toys, manufacturer of the phenomenally successful Dub City line of die-cast collectible and radio control vehicles, introduces their first-ever character-based children's vehicle line -- Chub City. Debuting July 14-17 at North America's largest comic and pop culture event, ComicCon in San Diego, Chub City's hip, multiethnic residents have a slew of cool personalities, tricked-out rides, a storyline delivered in webisodes and a comic book. Founded in 1999 by husband and wife Jack and May Li, Jada Toys has undergone explosive growth over the past 5 years. The privately held firm has recorded a 200 percent average annual revenue growth rate, introduced dynamic and well-received product lines and expanded presence in the world's largest retail and hobby stores including Wal-Mart, Target, KMart and Toys "R" Us. "Our Dub City line is known for capturing the realism of authentic high-end custom cars with incredible detail and quality. Chub City expands on the success of Dub City, which has a huge tween-to-adult following, and introduces our vehicles to a younger age range through a storyline centered around six unique characters aspiring to one day make it big in Chub City -- a city where even fire engines roll with bigger-than-life spinning rims," said Marketing Director Dave Sanders. The undisputed industry leader in tricked-out/custom die-cast cars includes as standard features heavy-duty metal chassis and authentically licensed parts from leading automotive aftermarket companies. Sound systems in trunks, opening hoods/trunks/doors in larger scale models and highly detailed paint and decal schemes are among Jada's distinctive manufacturing techniques. While other manufacturers were releasing stock vehicles, Jada pioneered the heavily customized, lowered stance and large-rimmed look in die-cast and radio controlled vehicles. Scale sizes run the gamut from 1:6 to 1:64. Jada began its epic run when the introduction of the immensely popular Dub City die-cast line in 2002 paved the way for distribution in key retail outlets. Toys "R" Us proclaimed Jada as its "U.S. Vendor of the Year" in 2003 following Jada licensing deals with Ford and Lincoln, and the launch of Jada's first radio controlled vehicles (RC Rollerz). Through the success of Dub City and this year's Big Time Muscle, a Dub City extension into modernized muscle cars, Jada garnered relationships with many of the world's major automobile companies (GM, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Toyota, etc.). Expected to be this season's hit vehicle line for young boys, Chub City will hit retailers nationwide in early August with suggested retail prices starting at $6.99. Consumers can catch a sneak preview of the "chub-sized" characters and their dubbed-out vehicles at their interactive community, Media may visit Jada Toys' exhibit at ComicCon (booth number 5229) or contact MKM for product samples, hi-res photographs or animated video. For more information, visit

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